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Soak up the electrifying atmosphere at Xfinity Center MA


If you are a music lover and are an absolute sucker for live shows and concerts, you must not miss out on the experience of watching a live concert at the Xfinity Center MA. If you are a regular concert goer you would perhaps be aware of the fact that this amphitheatre outdoors at Mansfield has been renamed recently. Till not so very long ago, it used to be known as the Comcast Center. This is not the first time that this concert venue has undergone a name change. In less than two decades it has been through at least four name changes.

Vast venue

The Xfinity Center MA has over the past years gained popularity under the brand name of Comcast Center. This venue can seat over 20,000 people and though it was originally established as centre for performing arts, all contemporary artists now perform at the erstwhile Comcast Center with over 40 concerts being held here now. Those who love the electrifying experience of a live concert will simply love it at the Comcast Center. It is not for nothing that the now Xfinity Center had been listed as the top grosser of the decade by the reputed Billboard magazine in the year 2010.

The top names in the music industry have vouched for the fact that the Comcast Center has a wonderful atmosphere and is just par excellence when it comes to audience participation. One such band that loves the ambience at Comcast Center is Aerosmith who have performed as many as 23 times out here. In fact they even endorsed the Comcast Center in their film “Be Cool” where one of their live performances for the film was recorded.

Another popular band Pearl Jam performed 11 times here including the 7/11/03 show which was also the longest show that the band has played. Other popular names include the Allman Brother’s Band, Gin Blossoms, Rush, Stone Sour and The Who. These bands and individual artists have not just performed live here, they have taken advantage of the music lovers ambience in their music videos and DVD releases.

Those who have been a part of the audience at least once at the Comcast Center, hanker to go back time and again. This is because the acoustics of the venue are just to die for. And if you travel in abig group of concert goers, you can be sure it’s a big party out there. There are a lot many seats including the option of lawn seats.  The seating is comfortably placed in a manner that your knees don’t knock up the seats in front. You might as pack some of your favorite sandwiches and unopened water in a cooler and have a mini picnic out here! Unlike the other concert venues the bathrooms too are tolerable, though you may have to stand in a queue because it caters to a pretty large audience.

What’s not so hot.

Though the acoustics and seating at the Comcast Center MA are one of the best, the concert goers who have attended performances out here so not think too highly of the service standards out here. The parking is free, but since the exit is a bottleneck it takes more than a couple of hours of to get out of the venue. Now that can suck out the entire joy of attending a concert don’t you think? The other complaint that people had was the availability of food and beverages at the venue. A simple beer and cheeseburger can not only be super expensive at the venue, it can take you at least 45 minutes to an hour to get any food you want and by the time you come back to your seats you may just lose your appetite for the same!

Those who attend concerts pretty regularly at the erstwhile Comcast Center, however say that these minor issues should not stop you from enjoying the superb atmosphere at the now Xfinity Center MA. Regulars at the venue suggest that instead of opting for the free parking out here, you can opt for carpooling at split the $20 place for parking next to eatery called Alberto’s. Instead of eating at the venue, you can either eat the sumptuous food at Alberto’s or choose to pack your favorite snacks in a cooler. The ride to Xfinity Center via 495 can also be quite strenuous, so the smart way out is to take the back road (140) and you can avoid the nightmarish traffic.

The Live Station owned Comcast Center MA has had a strong resonance with consumers over the past three decades and it continues to enthrall audiences till date. Comcast that had bought the naming rights of this venue in the year 1983, has now decided to call it the Xfinity Center after its internet and television business. But whether it cuts ice with the customers is something that remains to be seen.




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